Our Replacement Program

Georgetown Sleep Equipment & Supplies offers a program for replacement mask, tubing, water chamber, and filters. Through our replacement program, replacing these supplies is convenient and easy.

It is important for your health to maintain effective treatment with your device. To ensure you're receiving proper treatment, your supplies should be replaced regularly.

Important Reasons to Replace Supplies

Research has shown the importance of maintaining your equipment for effective treatment. Even with proper care and maintenance, materials can deteriorate over time and need to be replaced. Just as you would replace ordinary, everyday items such as a toothbrush, it's important for your health and comfort to replace your mask and supplies.

Replacement Supplies Available:

There are three main types of masks. They are the Nasal Pillow Mask, the Nasal Mask and the Full Face Mask.

Resmed Swift FX Nasal Pillow

Nasal Pillow Mask

The Nasal Pillow Mask is smallest and has minimal facial contact. Nasal Pillow masks deliver air directly to the nasal airway by a pair of small "pillows" which rest on the end of the nose. They are a great choice for claustrophobic CPAP users.

Resmed Activa LT Nasal Mask

Nasal Mask

The Nasal Mask is a triangular cushion which fits around the nose only. The small size and ease of use makes it a good choice for new PAP users.

Resmed Quattro Full Face Mask

Full Face Mask

The Full Face Mask is the biggest mask and covers both the mouth and the nose. This mask is great for people who have experienced "mouth leak" or who have a history of breathing out of their mouth while sleeping.

Georgetown Sleep Equipment & Supplies can treat your sleep apnea using a PAP device. PAP stands for "Positive Airway Pressure" and works by using air pressure to keep your airway open.

There are multiple types of PAP machines available at GSES.

The first and most common is the CPAP device, which stands for "Continuous Positive Airway Pressure." A CPAP device works by delivering one type of consistent pressure to clear the airway and maintain healthy breathing as you sleep.

The next type is called an Auto CPAP, which stands for "Automatic Positive Continuous Airway Pressure," automatically changes pressure through the night based on what your body needs to keep the airway clear.

The final type is called a BiPAP it stands for "Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure". A BiPAP can deliver two different types of pressure, which are determined by your doctor and based on an overnight sleep study.

No matter what type of PAP device your doctor prescribes Georgetown Sleep Equipment & Supplies can help you.

ResMed S9

ResMed S9

According to Resmed, the S9 boasts the quietest motor on the market, superior humidification with Climate Control and a uniquely comfortable Easy-Breathe waveform.

Nasal Pillow

Mask Cushions and Pillows work to create a seal for airflow into nasal passageways and also to keep the user comfortable. They sit on the face or nose.


Filters protect the components on the inside of the PAP device from dust and other particles which could harm the machine. They also reduce the amount of allergens which are passed through the PAP device.


Tubing brings the air from the machine to your mask, and back out. Without it no air would reach the patient from the machine.

Headgear and Chin Straps

Headgear is worn with the mask attached. This allows the mask to stay on your face through the night. Chin Straps are used when a patient wears a nasal pillow mask by keeping their jaw shut, but still allowing them to vent through their mouth if needed.

Nasal Pillow

The humidifier water chamber holds distilled water for use in the PAP's humidifier. The humidifier allows the air the patient breaths to be a comfortable humidity to prevent dry mouth.

When can I order my supplies?

Many insurance companies have a replacement schedule which may resemble the following:

Every Month Every 3 Months Every 6 Months

Full Face Cushion
Nasal Cushion
Nasal Pillows

Mask (excludes headgear)

Chin Strap
Water Chamber

Contact our office at 512.868.5044 to inquire about your eligibility for supplies and to join our supply reminder program.


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